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Town & Country: Broadway Market or Manningtree?


Published: 07/06/2018   Last Updated: 07/06/2018 09:42:29   Tags: Metro Property, Town & Country, Press Coverage, Broadway Market,

Comment from Fyfe Mcdade's Shoreditch Manager, Tom Page, has been included in a feature on town or country. What £725,000 could buy you in Broadway Market or Manningtree.

London Buy of the Week: Footloose and shipshape


Published: 31/05/2018   Last Updated: 31/05/2018 14:28:47   Tags: Press Coverage, Evening Standard, Homes & Property, Footloose, Wenlock Basin, Islington, N1, Housebo

Evening Standard Press Coverage on recently renovated narrowboat 'Footloose', for sale with permanent mooring in Wenlock Basin with our Upper Street, Islington office.  

The surprising rebirth of canals


Published: 08/05/2018   Last Updated: 08/05/2018 15:44:35   Tags: Telegraph, Press Coverage, Canal_Living

Press coverage in the weekends property section of the Telegraph, featuring comment from Shoreditch Manager, Tom Page, on canal living and our Carriers development listing.


Published: 26/03/2018   Last Updated: 26/03/2018 13:06:24   Tags: City AM, Presscoverage, Gransden, London_Fields

Press coverage, featuring The Gransden and comment from Shoreditch manager Tom Page, has been included in an area focus feature on Hackney.

How to price your home for a quick sell


Published: 12/02/2018   Last Updated: 12/02/2018 13:12:10   Tags: The Times, Bricksandmortar, Presscoverage, Pricing_To_Sell

Shoreditch manager, Tom Page, comments in The Times, Bricks and Mortar section, on pricing your house to sell in the current market.
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